Transverse sinus stenosis and IIH

Stenosis of the transverse sinus, especially bilateral (or unilateral if the other transverse sinus is underdeveloped) is associated with IIH. MR Venography (MRV) is the best non-invasive examination to diagnose transverse sinus stenosis. MRV is a good examination to get if IIH is suspected, because transverse sinus stenosis is almost always present in IIH, while […]

A systematic review of surgical treatments of IIH

A systematic review is the questioning of the large databases of the medical literature to analyze all the published articles on a specific subject. This review compares the results of the three main surgeries to treat IIH patients who have failed medical therapy. The three main procedures to treat IIH are: shunting of the cerebrospinal […]

IIHTT clinical trial

The Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Treatment Trial (IIHTT)  (as of year 2022) is the largest randomized controlled trial in the field of IIH. A randomized controlled trial means that participants in the trial will be divided in groups, usually two, one that will receive the treatment studied and the other to receive the “placebo”, which is […]